Zarkman Mobile for Android, iPhone and iPad

Zarkman Mobile is now in the google play store and Apple App store (search for zarkman) .



An Android phone with Android 2.3.3 or greater.

You need a hosted Smap Server that has version 15.09 or later.

Getting Connected

By default ZM is configured to connect to the Zarkman application server.  To connect to a Smap server you need to:

  • Select the menu. This is the button with 3 horizontal lines at the top left of the app.
  • Select “Settings”
  • Enable diagnostic mode.  (I need to change this label, its not just for diagnostics, although this is how I switch to my development server for testing).
  • Enter the name of the server into the “Test Server” box.   To use sg, just enter “sg”
  • Select change server
  • You will then need to logon
  • If you don’t have a user account on the sg server you can use:
  •     user: zm_test
  •    password: zm_test

Synchronising with the server

Either drag down on the forms screen or press Menu | Refresh

This will get new forms from the server and submit finished results.

Other Actions

  •  Select a form to complete it.
  • Select the records tab to view completed forms
  • Swipe left on the records tab to make a completed form into a template

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