Refer to the Smap web site for a more complete list of features


  1. Android Native Application
  2. fieldTask Android Application including Task Management
  3. Supports odkCollect

Survey Creation and Management

  1. Import xlsform templates
  2. Compatible with ODK
  3. Specify images, video audio in question and option labels
  4. Download Survey templates in xlsForm, XML/XForm and Codebook (PDF) formats


  1. Dashboard showing graphs, maps, tables, media
  2. Export to spreadsheet
  3. Export to Openstreetmap
  4. Geospatial database


  1. Filter reports by time and location
  2. Reports can include a graph, table, map, picture, video or audio
  3. Publish to
    1. email
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter
    4. WordPress
  4. View reports in HTML
  5. Export reports to MS-Word
  6. Export reports containing tables to MS-Excel

Task Management

  1. Assign ad-hoc tasks to users
  2. Automatically create follow up tasks from existing results
  3. Update existing results


  1. Create multiple projects that isolate sets of surveys from each other
  2. Assign users to projects and to roles of Administrator, Analyst or Data Collector / Enumerator
  3. Network encryption with HTTPS
  4. All access authenticated
  5. Encrypted backups


  • Hosting of Servers in the cloud
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Help Desk



  • Open Source

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