Focus Areas


Support for larger customers with greater reliability and performance using “High Availability” server configurations, additional monitoring and control and enhanced security.


Support for system integration tools such as Zapier. Improved integration with Business Intelligence tools such as Quicksight, Power BI, Tableau etc.

Device alignment

Wherever possible all features available in FieldTask should also work in Webforms and vice versa. For example charts are currently implemented in FieldTask but not in Webforms which means a survey that uses charts can’t be used in a webform.

Feature Requests

Incorporate specific requests from customers as documented on the Issues page.


Planned changes
July 2021Scale – Add support for deploying separate API servers. This will address an issue where large volumes of automated requests for data from business intelligence servers can negatively affect the performance of the main server when it is responding to requests from real people. The changes will allow a simple configuration setting to be applied that will allow a server to configure itself to work only as an API server or to reject API requests.