Monthly Archives: February 2023

Version 23.02

New Features

The main change in this release is the upgrade of all pages to JQuery 3.5.1 and Bootstrap 4.5. Most pages were updated some time ago but some of the older, more complicated ones, had remained with the old version of these libraries.

The change you will notice is that the appearance of pages is more consistent. Those pages that used the older libraries such as the online editor should now have the same theme as Form Management.

The one exception to this improved consistency is the analysis page. JQuery has been updated, but it still uses jQuery-UI and not Bootstrap to set its appearance. Probably this page will never be converted to Bootstrap, but one day we will write a new Analysis page starting from scratch to replace it.

Other Changes

  • Added the “today” meta item to the list of meta items supported in the online editor.
  • Support added for the “user” meta item in WebForms.
  • Choice names can now have spaces. This only works with select_one questions which is the reason it was previously not allowed. Be carefully using this if you are going to change the question type to a select multiple.
  • Allow the user currently assigned to a case to be used as a filter in a search() function
  • Allow read only questions to be added to exports in predefined reports
  • Sanitise the HTML used in WebForms to restrict it to a limited set of permitted HTML elements
  • Removed automatic conversion of text to uppercase when using the grid format in WebForms