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Version 24.03

This release includes 3 user requested changes. Hopefully they will prove useful to others

New Features

Notifications on Server Calculation Changes

Server Calculations can change anytime, for example if the calculation depends on the current date. Previously it was not possible to trigger a notification when the calculated value changed but now it is.

In notifications select a trigger of “Server Calculation”. You will also need to:

  • Specify the survey containing the server calculation
  • The Server Calculation question
  • The value that will trigger the notification. Note this value should be text and quotes are not required.
Adding a Server Calculation Notification

Web Form History

The history of submissions from WebForms is now stored in your browser. You can access this history from a menu on the server WebForms page or by opening the draw at the left of a WebForm and pressing the history button.

Open the drawer to view the history button while filling in a WebForm
Example WebForm History

The history page shows the surveys that have been completed and submitted over the last 100 days. The action can be Submitted, Saved or Deleted. The instanceId is useful for connecting a Submission entry in the History to a record in the Console of the server.

Note the webform history is not stored on the server, so if you are reconciling somebody’s work you will have to ask them to talk through what they see in their history.

Download of shared CSV files in the format they were uploaded

Downloading a reference file from the shared resource page will now download the file that was last uploaded instead of downloading the data always in CSV format. This may be a spreadsheet in XLSX format rather than CSV format. The server will have converted the XLSX file to CSV for use in FieldTask but you don’t need to know that when you want to edit the reference data.

This avoids problems with the formatting of data loaded from a CSV file into a spreadsheet. For example I was working on a reference file that included assessments of distance vision such as 6/5 and 6/9. Every time I opened the CSV file, downloaded from the server, these values would be converted to dates. You can address this type of problem by working in Excel’s XLSX format and setting the format of the cells to text. You can then upload the XLSX file to the server so it can be used as a reference file and this XLSX file will be the one downloaded when you download the reference file for editing.

Other Changes

  • An integer representing the identifier of an email is now automatically added to the subject line of emails. This addresses a problem where email clients such as gmail do not effectively differentiate between multiple emails with the same subject. This can cause problems if you do multiple password resets in succession, you may end up clicking on the old link to reset your password.