Monthly Archives: March 2017

Version 17.02

New Features

  1. Using the Browse Results and Managed Forms pages, you can now filter between a begin and end date.  Any date in the data set can be used for this filtering.  This allows reports to be created for specific data ranges such as a month.
  2. Export to XLS from Browse Results and Managed Forms now creates a worksheet for each chart.  The data in these worksheets can be selected to recreate the chart in the spreadsheet however you also have all the flexibility of the spreadsheet to style the chart the way that you want it.
  3. The filter setting used in an export to a spreadsheet for Browse Results and Managed Forms are now shown in a “settings” worksheet in the export.  Hence you can see if the data is for a specific date range or only those records that match the specified text etc.
  4. Cascading selects created from an external CSV file now work in web forms.
  5. Pulldata functions to look up values in a CSV file now work in web forms.  Thanks to Martijn van de Rijdt @  (Update this feature has not ended up in 17.02 and will be delayed to 17.03)