Monthly Archives: May 2015

Version 15.04 – The real release

The April release of Smap is finally available.   These release notes extend the previous notes for 15.04.

I had to add some more functionality which delayed its release a little, including:

  1. Compressing select multiple questions when exporting to XLS
  2. Authentication of emails sent as a notification of an event.

Compressing Select Multiple Questions

Smap Server has always exported the results of select multiple questions as 1 column per choice.  Each column contains a “1” or a “0” to indicate whether or not the choice was selected.  This is convenient for analysis but results in large unwieldily tables if your objective is to take the spreadsheet into a meeting and discuss its contents.  Hence a new compress select multiple option has been added to the XLS export.   This will put all the names of selected choices into a single column separated by a space.

Loading Select Multiple Values into a Survey from a CSV file

Having all the select multiple choices in a single column is also used to load select multiple values from a CSV file.  This allows you to export a survey with compressed select multiple questions, modify the options in a CSV file and reload them back into the survey.

Authenticating Email Users

When setting up email notifications you can now specify the user name and password of the email user to send the emails.  This should reduce the chance of email ending up in Spam and will allow you to store sent emails in the sent folder of that email account.  Details are in the operations guide.


  1. Monitoring of notifications only showed notifications at the whole organisation level.  These are now shown per project or per survey.

Update 15.04.02

  1. Added more detail to the error message that is shown when you attempt to load tasks into a form that you have not explicitly marked as being allowed to get data from a CSV file.  The error message now directs you to the settings dialog.
  2. Added error message if there are no columns in the CSV file that match questions in the form.  Previously this just resulted in a generic internal system error.
  3. Added an error message if the CSV file to be loaded is not specified.
  4. Fixed bug preventing loading of instance name data
  5. Remove spaces at the beginning and end of values inside the CSV file.  These spaces would cause image files in the ZIP file not to be found

Update 15.04.03

  1. Fixed issue where tasks are not created from an existing survey if the locations of the existing survey are in a subform and the location is missing.

Update 15.04.04

  1. Fixed issue with adding task addresses and filtering tasks.