Monthly Archives: August 2014

Update to 14.08 – Stata Export and Translation Editor

Summary of changes

  • You can edit question and option text directly in the server.  This includes the ability to edit translations. This change is the first stage of creating a complete editor for Smap.  To access it click on the form name in the template management page.  Then select the “view” and then “translations” menu option to start editing. When you save changes the version of the form will be updated.  This version will be returned with the data in each submission and is included in the export of results.  You can see what changes were applied to each version by selecting “view” and then “changes” on the edit page. This feature should be considered a “beta”.  If you want to record the version of the template with each data submission you will need to get version 3.4 of fieldTask from the server.
  • Reporting of errors in surveys defined by xlsform have been made clearer.  More information is now provided to assist in getting help in fixing the errors.
  • Support for presenting the server in multiple languages has been added.  Much more needs to be done to complete translations but the basic capability is there.  If you are interested in contributing to a translation then contact
  • Exporting of surveys to Stata.  This export creates a zip file with a csv containing the data and a “do” file which can be used to add labels to the data in stata.  This video shows how it works:
  • Read only questions are no longer included in exports as a default.  There is a chenckbox you can select to include them.
  • FieldTask has been upgraded to use ODK1.4.3
  • External csv files can now be added to a survey. These can contain data from previous surveys or lists of options.
  • You can no longer forward a survey to itself. That prevents the survey forwarding going into an infinite loop.
  • Forms can be moved to a different project