Version 17.11

Time for November’s release!

The changes are

  • Filtering of notifications and Exported Results
  • Can now set default value for questions in the online editor.
  • Can now specify the number of rows used by text questions in fieldTask
  • Improvements to form monitoring (See below)
  • Added option to do a full survey export without including its media.  Some surveys can have many gigabytes of images and other media submitted.  Just on the off change that you want to export the data and import it into a different survey but don’t need the images then you now have that option.
  • Set a new notification to “enabled” by default.
  • Show most recent data received first in table views in the analysis module
  • More spanish translations

Filtering of Notifications and Exported Results

When creating a notification you can now specify a filter so that this notification is only sent when data is received that matched the filter.  You can also use the same sorts of filter when exporting data from the analysis module.


  • ${age} < 10      – Where the answer to the age question was less than 10
  • now() – ${_upload_time} > {2_days}     – Export data uploaded more than 2 days ago
  • ${name} not like ‘%om%’    – Any name that does not have the letters “om” somewhere within it

More information on specifying a filter can be found here:

Improvements to Form Monitoring

Actually the main improvement is that this now works again!  The old approach relied on fieldTask notifying the server of the forms that the user had after they had done a “refresh”.  However this did not reflect changes when the user had downloaded a form using the ODK menus and without doing a fieldTask refresh.   Anyway recent releases of fieldTask no longer sent this notification.

The updated form download monitoring now records all form downloads whether as a refresh or when the form is selected explicitly.  One limitation of this new approach is that the device that did the download won’t be identified unless you are using version 5.14 of fieldTask.

Bug Fixes

  • Error shown when a user registered a new organisation has been fixed.  This message did not stop the registration proceeding but would have been pretty disconcerting to new users
  • Allow data to be imported when the question type is “range”

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