Version 6.32 of FieldTask now in Play Store

This release includes a number of significant new features


If you select menu then history you can see a list of all survey instances that have been submitted to the server or deleted.

History view

The view is updated after you perform a refresh to synchronise with the server. In addition you can also delete an instance from the main screen by doing a long press on it. You will then select “reject” and will have to provide a reason.

Mapbox Tiles for use as offline maps

Both vector and raster tiles are supported.   A while ago offline map tiles were supported.  However this was when the maps used the google maps API.   ODKCollect have been progressively migrating to the MapBox API which supports tiles in a different format.  However now the feature is back.  Sample tiles are available here: just download them and copy the mbtiles file onto the phone’s sdcard under /sdcard/fieldTask/layers.  

Persian Calendar

If you have a date question and want to use the Persian calendar specify an appearance of persian.

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