Version 20.08

The last release of the winter of 2020.

New Features

  1. Support for Matrices in WebForms. These can contain mixtures of question types.
  2. The labels of groups are now included in PDF exports
  3. Added a Webform view button on the form management so you no longer need to open the editor in order to try out a new survey in webforms
  4. When selecting columns to show in the console all columns can be selected or deselected using one click
  5. Export of console data in word documents. Data can be formatted as QR codes.
  6. PDF titles are now muli line


A new question type of “begin matrix” is available in order to create matrix structures like that shown below. Further details are in the documentation.

3 thoughts on “Version 20.08

  1. Omie Consultants

    Hi Neil,
    This is what I have been waiting for a long long time, where a table-list with select_one or select_multiple choices needs to also take inputs for text inputs…
    If I am understanding this well, I think this a a great new development for a long time,
    Thanks much, I am sure Omie Consultant in PNG would very much appreciate this tech developments…

    1. Neil Penman Post author

      Glad you like it. However note the restriction that it only works with Web forms and not fieldtask. Is that OK or are you looking for matrix support in fieldTask?

      1. e-Connect Projek PG

        Hi Neil, thanks for this amazing new feature, very useful as we target end users who are familiarised in seeing table formats on an excel or word form. And the view button on the Form Management is very helpful too.

        Thanks again,


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