Version 20.02

New Features

Opt in for emails

There was existing functionality to include an unsubscribe link with every email sent. If the recipient selects that link and then unsubscribes they will no longer receive any emails. However previously, if they just ignored the email then they would keep getting more.

The opt in applies to emails sent by a notification, a task reminder or an email task. If it is the first time an email has been sent to that email address then an opt in email message asking if the person wants to opt in is sent instead and the email that triggered this is placed in a pending bucket. If the user opts in then the pending email and future emails are sent to them. Otherwise they will not receive any more emails from the above sources. They will still receive emails that allow them to set their password unless they unsubscribe.

You can review pending emails from the “Monitor” page. You can also resend an opt in message from their if the user has neither unsubscribed nor opted in.

Other Features

  • Changed the label for the button that creates an importable version of the data from “export” to “backup”. This differentiates it from the export menu which exports data for analysis.
  • Added support for the lookup_choices() survey functions in the online editor. This function is a replacement for search() that does an online search to get choices instead of downloading them in a CSV file.
  • Added support for default values in a survey that are calculated when the survey is opened.
  • Added a logs api.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue where fieldTask used by recent users was not automatically synchronised with the server
  • Exports of CSV files using the api (/api/v1/data.csv) were not in unicode
  • Fix an error when changing a question from text type to note type in the online editor
  • Validate that names do not clash between surveys when surveys are uploaded into a group.

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