version 17.05

Here it is finally. There was no release of the Smap server in March or April.

New Features

  • Integer and decimal results exported to XLSX files are now in number format in the spreadsheet.  Dates are in date format.
  • A “display_name” parameter has been added to questions.  This allows you to override the question name with something more user friendly for exports.
  • The “Unique Key” that you can specify for a form is now included in PDF exports.  You can also set the key value to be a serial number starting from an offset. For example:
    • serial(100)  will create keys of 100, 101…
    • REFserial(10) will create keys of REF10, REF11…
  • The charts on Browse Results and Managed Forms have been substantially modified, (this is still beta code)
    • Maps can now be added
    • Charts are added by the user and then saved with the survey.  This is in contrast to the previous approach where charts were added automatically for all questions causing performance problems on large surveys.
  • When exporting data to PDFs, for location questions you can specify an appearance of pdfzoom_xx, where xx is a number between 1 and 21.  This will show a map of the data at the specified zoom level.  The higher the number the smaller the area covered by the map.
  • Notification emails can now include survey name, instance name, unique key, user and device anywhere in the subject or body of the email, use:
    • ${surveyname}
    • ${instancename}
    • ${hrk}
    • ${username}
    • ${device}
  • Email notifications.  If you set up a notification in managed forms then an email will be sent to the address of the user to be notified

Bug Fixes

  • Updating of user ident is now prevented.  If you tried to change your logon id in the past you would not have been able to logon.  This is because the logon id is combined with the password to create the real encrypted password.  The only way to change your user ident is to create a new user and delete the old one.

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