Version 16-08

The major change in this release was the addition of “Roles” to control access to:

  • individual surveys
  • columns in a survey
  • rows in a survey

Only users who have “Security Management” group given to them on the user management page can set up roles.  The steps are:

  1. Create a “role” in the roles tab on the user management page.  This is just a name, any name.  For example we could create a role called “District 11”.
  2. Give 1 or more users that role.  To do this click on the user name in the “users” tab on the user management page. Then select the “District 11” role.
  3. Edit a survey to require this role.  To do this open the survey for editing and select the menu “Files” > “Roles”. Then enable the “District 11” role.

At this point only those users who have the “District 11” role will be able to access the survey.  This restriction also applies to administrators who will not be able to give themselves the role unless they are in the security management group.

To add column restrictions click on either “filter rows” or “filter columns” in the survey editor role management page (where you were in step 3 above).

The following video shows steps 1 to 3.

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