Version 16-04



New Features

Required Message

You can now specify a message to be shown to the user if a question is “required” and they try to skip it.  Enter the message in the column with a heading “required_message” in the survey template. (update) You can now also add the required message using the editor.  Select required as the attribute you want to modify and enter the message next to the button that sets the question as required.

Take a new picture

When the user answers an “image” type question in fieldTask they normally have the option of taking a new picture or selecting a picture already on the phone.  Adding the “nochoose” appearance value removed the option of selecting an existing picture.  This capability has now been expanded to “annotate” questions.    To use this:

  • Create a question of type “image”
  • Add an appearance of “annotate nochoose”

In the previous version of Smap this would only work no normal image questions that did not have annotate.

Autoplay of Video and Audio

If you include video or audio as part of the question then you can set these to play automatically when the question is shown to the data collector.  This can be done in the XLS survey template by specifying “video” or “audio” in the “autoplay” column.  You can also specify this in the online editor.

Times shown in local time rather than UTC

If you delete a form and then view the list of deleted forms the name of the form will include the date and time it was deleted.  For newly deleted forms this time will now be in the local time of your browser.  Interestingly if you are discussing deleted forms with somebody in a different time zone then you will each see a different form name (at least the data/time part of it).

FieldTask 3.14 Included on the server

This is the latest version of fieldTask that is also available in the google play store.  Details on new functionality.

Other Changes

  1. Importing of data into a survey has been moved from the task management page to the analysis page.  To import data from a CSV file create a table view, open the “aside” and then click on the import button.

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