Version 16-02

There are only a few changes in this release.

New Features

Times shown in local time

Previously all times were shown as GMT but now some times are shown in the local time of the user’s browser.  Where this is done the label will include the words “(Local Time)”.  These local times are shown in the following places:

  • Monitor page:  Upload Date
  • Analysis page on table views. Upload Date, Start Time and End Time
  • Reports page.  The published time of the report.

On the analysis page, the start and end time of the survey is only shown in local time if you have not set your own start or end preload question.

Times in exported files remain GMT.  However if you export to XLS you can easily add a new column to show the time in another time zone.   You just need to add (offset in hours) / 24 to the date / time column.

Multi-Language Support

More of the web pages are available in other languages now.  However only the Spanish translations have been provided so far.   I’m waiting on the translators for French, Hindi and Portuguese to provide translations for these new pages.

Automatic Browser refresh when the version changes

Previously you had to press refresh on browser pages after a new version of Smap was released.  This is no longer required as the browser will refresh automatically to get the new code.  However there is a catch, for this feature to work it requires the browser to be refreshed!  So you you will need to do that again for this release but only once more (for every page!).

Bugs Fixed

  • When setting up an email server for an organisation the email port was not being set.
  • Various fixes to the editor approach to sub forms.

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