Version 14.10.2 – Forgot Password

This is the second release in October and contains some more bug fixes as well as some new features that allows users to set and reset their own passwords when they are first added to the system or have forgotten their password.

This release is available for download at

Adding a new user without specifying a password

This feature requires an email server to be specified in the Tomcat configuration.  Refer to the operations manual for details if you are running your own Smap server.  I am using Google smtp server for my hosted servers however if you are running your own Smap server you can set up your own email server.

When you select “Add User” in the user management screen the default setting will be to send an email to the user. The administrator will not need to specify the password.


Send email to user specified by default

The user will then get an email with a link that they can select to set their password.  The email will also inform them of the URL of the server and of the user name they can use to log on with. The link will be valid for 48 hours.  After that the user will need to request a new link by selecting “Forgot Password” on the home screen.

When creating the new user, you can select “Specify password” if you want to set the user’s password as in the case of a data collector.  You should do this if the data collector’s ident is shared by several people.

Forgot Password

If you forget your password you can now reset it yourself, assuming that you have your correct email address recorded against your user account.

  1. Select “Forgot Password” menu option.
  2. Enter your email address and submit
  3. When you get the email, click on the link and enter your new password

You should now be able to logon with your new password.  The link sent in the email will expire after 1 hour.

Uploading multiple large attachments

This release fixes a significant bug whereby if the total size of attachments in a survey exceeded 10MB then some attachments were not processed correctly after being uploaded and could not be seen in the analysis pages.

odk splits large attachments into separate uploads.  Smap has now been updated to process these and merge then into the main upload.  You may see this on the monitor page.




In the above screen shot from the monitor you can see that 4 surveys have been uploaded for media2 and 13 uploads have been merged into these 4 surveys.  In this template there were 4 video questions, the videos were recorded in high definition and each survey had around 60MB of data.

There were also problems with the server configuration which caused “unauthorised” responses to be sent if uploads of large attachments exceeded 5 minutes. This has also been fixed by removing the timeout on the digest authentication for submissions:

               AuthDigestNonceLifetime -1


  1. Added Translations for Form Management page. Thank you to Baba Sy for providing the French translations.
  2. FieldTask has been updated so that it only shows the forms valid for the current server.  If you change the server in the settings screen then the forms valid for that different server will be shown instead.
  3. When getting a list of forms to download only those forms from your current organisation will now be shown.  This change only affects users who have access to more than 1 organisation.
  4. When editing survey results using web forms, the dialog with the “edit” button has been removed. If you select the button at the left of the survey record the web form will be opened immediately populated with the existing data.
  5. Fixed a bug where existing data was not adding to a webform if the survey contained questions with names that are reserved for use by the database such as “end”


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