Version 14.04 Bug Fixes

Just a small release this month due to the lateness of the March release.  The following bug fixes are included:

  • There is an option to group totals of uploads in the monitor page by device, week or day.  This should have been disabled unless a single survey has been selected.  If the total uploads for the whole project are being shown then its not possible to group these totals.
  • Addition of media such as photos to questions is now prevented if the question is not actually answerable by the user.  For example the survey start question and the device question are not shown to the user on the phone hence it is pointless adding a photo, video or audio to the question.
  • A security issue that allowed a user from one organisation to view data uploaded by another organisation has been fixed.
  • Upload of a template would fail if there were blank labels in some of the options in all of the languages.  This occured during a survey in Uganda when a partially completd survey was loaded for testing while the translations were being prepared.
  • If the user is not authorised to submit a survey now they will get an error message and can resubmit the results when they are authorised to do so. Currently the surveys are loaded onto the server successfully but then an error is reported on the monitoring page and the results are not applied to the database.  This can mean that the uploads are missed.

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