Medical Clinics Product


This product has 3 sample forms that can be used to complete a process. The process steps are:

  1. A person is registered as a new patient or as a returning patient in which case their details can be reviewed and updated.
  2. The doctor sees the patient, reviews their history and provides a consultation during which they may prescribe some medications.
  3. A nurse dispenses the medications prescribed by the doctor.


Each of the process participants has their own device on which notifications will appear.  Hence the doctor will get a notification when a patient has been registered.  This notification will appear on their phone or tablet as a list entry with the patient’s name on it.  When the doctor is ready to see the patient, then they can select the patient’s name to see their details and record the new consultation.

View of doctors tablet

The registration person is the only one who needs to select the empty form which has a yellow icon like a clipboard. The nurse and the doctor will get forms pre-populated with patient data. These will show as a white clipboard icon.

Getting Started

This product consists of a downloadable zip file containing 3 forms, CSV file and a PDF with instructions on how to set it up.

  • register.xlsx.  A form to register new patients and update the details of existing patients.
  • doctor.xlsx.  A form for the doctor to record details of their session with the patient.
  • dispense.xlsx.  A form for recording medications dispensed.
  • medication.csv.  A CSV file with a list of medications that is used by the doctor and dispense forms.
  • medicalClinicsProduct.pdf.  A PDF with instructions on how to set up the product.

Head to the Smap Products web page to download.


The forms, and indeed the process, will need to be modified to suit your needs.  They are just the starting point and the doctor form in particular will require many more questions to be added.  The forms can be edited with the XLSForm editor from odk.  Documentation on this is available here.  However there are a number of extensions to this editor that have been added by Smap in order to support using forms in a process.  These are documented in the instructions that are included with the downloadable ZIP file.  You will also of course need to set up appropriate security if recording sensitive information.

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