Map with locations shown by OCHA icons

This is another test of embedding a Smap report into WordPress. Here is the report now.

The major change since the last test report is more space for the meta information and the creation of automatic commentary on the report.  For example the lines:

  1. Shows the location of responses to the question ‘Select type’ in survey ‘ocha’ grouped by the responses to the question Record location
  2. Shows the percentage of responses that selected each option in the question ‘Problems’ in survey ‘speed’ grouped by the responses to the question Set Location

These were automatically generated to describe the two layers of data on the map.  I think they could be clearer though.  The final line “Comment provided by DME manager” was typed in when the report was created in Smap and before it was published to WordPress.

Embedding into WordPress is a great way to publish reports as you can add supporting material.  For example here is a tweet.

Anyway for more information contact me at Smap Consulting.


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