Hiding Gaph Labels

I have released a patch to the Smap Analysis software in response to a request from the team in the Philippines who are responding to Typhoon Hainan.  This allows you to hide labels on a graph by clicking on an icon labelled “L” at the top right of the panel.  Clicking on the “L” again will show the labels.  This is available in the dashboard and in reports.


Graph with hidden labels. Note the “L” icon at top right.

When the labels are hidden you can see what each of the bars represent by moving your mouse over the bar.  This will show the label just for that bar along with the bar’s value.

This patch to the server also fixes a bug so that the description added by the analyst is now shown on the report.

This release is only available on a limited number of the hosted servers at the moment but will be included in the next monthly release.

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