Controlling access to survey results

There are 3 roles that can be given to users od Smap Server:

  1. Admin.  Can create new projects and assign themselves, or any other user, to projects
  2. Analyst.  Can view and export results, create graphs, load new survey templates.
  3. Enum. Can download survey templates to a phones and submit results.

Hence you can restrict a user from accessing surveys that they are not involved with, by putting surveys into projects.  Users can then be assigned only to those projects that they are allowed to access.  As long as the user does not have the admin role then they will not be able to give themselves access to other projects or create new projects.


An issue with the current solution is that you may have multiple areas of your organisation that work independently hence you will want to create a user with the “Admin” role for each area.  But these admin users will be able to view and delete survey data collected by other areas.

The next release of Smap Server (14.02) due in late February will address this issue by adding the concept of an “organisation”. Even admin users, within 1 organisation will have no access to data in other organisations.  You will be able to create an organisation for each area of your company.

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