Assessment Reports for Speed Evidence

The Speed Evidence project has released a video showing the features of the Information Management Portal. This is looking really good.

However up until today media files such as pictures that were included in a table of data or a map were not being copied across into the report shown by the portal. The Speed Evidence portal pulls assessment reports from the Smap Server using the reports API. These reports consist of a graph, map, table, picture, video or audio file that have been collected using the Smap Mobile Phone tools.   The report contents have to be copied into a report location on the server so that they can be accessed using the report identifier rather than a user name and password.  This report identifier will look something like this “293ffa7b-70j7-4dc0-gb4a-57fcb45a20a3” and uniquely identifies the report.

This issue has now been fixed. When a report is created now all the media files that are included in tables and maps are copied over to the reports area and assigned the report identifier. You can see this in the example report below which is a table of data containing pictures grouped by the nationality of the respondent.


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