Announcement of Smap Release August 2013

This release includes:

  1. The name of the logged on user will now be shown in the top right of the template management screen. If you click on this name you can change your details and your password.  You can also logout of the server.
  2. A change in the appearance of the “upload template” section of template management.  The big button now downloads the spreadsheet instead of opening odkBuild.  The link to odkBuild has been moved further down the screen.
  3. Performance improvements when multiple users are updating the dashboard using the same user name.
  4. When exporting surveys to a spreadsheet, you can now select which repeating groups to export and flatten individual repeating groups so that their data appears in a single row.  More on this here.  You can also specify that the GPS coordinates of a point be split into two columns for latitude and longitude.  This may assist when importing the survey into some GIS tools.


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