Connecting Openstreetmap to Smap

It may be time that Smap returned to its Openstreetmap roots  and created an application that can synchronise relevant data between Smap and OSM.

Data in Smap is accessible by a REST API which returns geoJSON.   Albeit that this sample is for a published report, live data normally requires a user id and password to access. The report that consumes this sample data url can be viewed here.  There is also a set of REST API calls that return details of available projects (collections of surveys), surveys, forms, questions and options. The Smap server is open source available at and is easy to install on a linux server. Data can be collected with odkCollect, fieldTask or enketo Forms. All data is stored in Postgis and location for each survey record can be recorded as a point, polygon or linestring.

Possible objectives for the application would be:

  1. Get locations and attribute values from OSM to use in assigning a task for someone to conduct a survey at that location.
  2. Allow a user to transfer survey results into OSM either updating existing elements or creating new ones.  The first step would be to define the matches between OSM tags and Smap columns. The second step would be to manually process each record in Smap and apply a create or update operation on OSM.







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